Pepijn van der Hoeven

Pepijn van der Hoeven has been running Pepijn's Kitchen since 2005.
As a 'private chef' he strives for finesse. 
Food is experience. You have to experience food. It's about service, setting and the combination of wine and food. A good chef doesn't just cook great. He also has a big heart, and fire in his eyes. “You are constantly thinking about menus, you want to create something beautiful. Trying to excel in your work”.
In order to improve his cooking techniques and production processes, he has worked with star chefs.

As a host at his location on the Spaarne, he ensures that clients have a pleasant feeling. It is never just about food, but also about warmth, feeling good together. “'Good food' is too little; when guests go home, you want to hear, 'This was a great night'”.

As a caterer there is even more to consider. Then, in addition to targeted purchases for a specific dinner, party or drink, he looks at the capacity and the possibilities the location offers. In Haarlem everything is prepared that is served or finished at private locations in, among other places, Amsterdam.

With the opening of its own location in Haarlem, everything is within reach thanks to the beautiful setting and extensive production kitchen.
Pepijn is the spider in his own tightly spun web.