Pepijn van der Hoeven

Pepijn van der Hoeven started Pepijn’s Kitchen in 2005. 
Being a ‘private chef’ he aspires perfection. Eating is experiencing. It is all about service, the setting and the combination of wine & food. Being a good chef it is not just about cooking. A great chef also has a big heart and fire in his eyes. “Your are continuously trying to create new menus, you want to deliver something special. Trying to accelerate in your profession”. To be able to lift his cooking techniques and production processes to a higher level, he has trained with star chefs.

Being a host at his venue right at the Spaarne, he makes sure his clients are enjoying themselves and feeling comfortable. It is never only about the food, cosiness, having that happy moment together, that is what it is all about. “ ‘Dinner was nice’ is not good enough; when clients go home you want to hear that they had a fantastic evening!”.

Being the caterer, there is even more that comes to it. The capacity and the possibilities of the specific venue needs to be taken into account, and tailored shopping for a specific dinner, party or event is to be done. At the venue in Haarlem, everything is being prepared for what will be finished and served at private locations in, amongst others, Amsterdam and the Kennemerland.
With the opening of his own venue in Haarlem, everything is within reach, thanks to the beautiful setting and big production kitchen. 
Pepijn is the spider in his own well-spun web.